Miss NRing 2016 supported by Vitex Company

19 April 2016

On April 14, 2016 a final of Miss NRing competition was held in Milo Concert Hall (Nizhny Novgorod city). This competition was conducted by sport complex “Nizhny Novgorod ring” with support from Vitex Company. 

Any lady at the ages from 18 to 28 years could participate. About one hundred challengers visit casting and only 9 of them came up to the final to assert the title of honor “Miss NRing 2016”. 

Captive looks, charming smiles and glamorous motions – ladies showed all their powerful influence on audience. All challengers were so beautiful and the judging panel was too hard to appoint nominees:

“Miss NRing 2016” – Iulia Gorbacheva

“Vice-miss NRing 2016” – Elvira Ukhanova

“Vice-miss NRing 2016” – Saifullina Elmira

Organizers are sure that annual competition “Miss NRing” is developing and opens new organization facets and new faces in NRing Grid Girls who we will see many times in race track “Nizhny Novgorod ring”.