Concentrated antifreeze Vitex G 12 + Ultra G

Антифриз — концентрат Vitex G 12+ Ultra G

High-quality antifreeze Vitex G 12+ Ultra G is produced in Germany. It is designed as a coolant for internal combustion engine with aluminum or iron-cast motor block. The newest formula with advanced carboxylated additive package performs long-lasting engine protection. A unique additive package Ultra SAFE 2+ performs double-strength protection against corrosion. High-quality additives protect surfaces at the molecular level and perform superior pitted corrosion protection.  Protective 0,0006 mm-thick coating appears only over damaged areas to prevent corrosion of engine parts. No residual film that can worsen heat exchange forms on the radiator inner surface. Point protection lowers additive consumption and increases antifreeze life-span.

Vitex G 12+ Ultra G is a universal antifreeze coolant which will mix with all colours of monoethylen glycol based antifreeze already in the radiator.

Features superior performance qualities. Nitrate-free, amine-free, phosphate-free, borate-free, silicate-free formula. Maximum boil over and corrosion protection.

Dilution of Vitex G 12+ Ultra G should be made according to the table. Can be mixed with limewater. The cooling system should be flushed out before antifreeze filling.

Size: 1,5 Litres
Meets  VW TL 774 D/F