Vitex ATF Multi

Automatic transmission fluid

It is the all-season universal synthetic liquid, which is designed for various types of automatic transmissions of modern cars and trucks, as well as commercial vehicles, where compliance with GM DEXRON-III, Ford MERCON or earlier specifications is required. It can be used in power steering systems. It promotes smooth and noiseless gear changes without vibration. It's also provides excellent starting characteristics at low temperatures. Ensures a sufficient supply of anti-wear and anti-foam properties of the liquid. Maintains cleanliness, effectively protects from the formation of deposits.

Conforms to requirements:  GM Dexron IIIG/H/ Dexron IID/E, Ford Mercon/ Mercon V, MB 236.1/ 236.2/ 236.5/ 236.6/ 236.7/ 236.9/ 236.11,  MAN 339 V1/ V2/ Z1/ Z2, Allison C-4, Cat ТО-2, JASO 1-A, KIA SP-II/SP-III, Voith H55.6335, Volvo 97340/ 97341, ZF TE-ML 02F, 03D, 05L, 09,11B, 17C, 21L