Vitex Ultimate 0W-30

Fully synthetic multigrade engine oil.
Vitex Ultimate 0W-30

High-quality synthetic engine oil, which has been developed for using in petrol and diesel engines of all types. It is used in vehicles and meet the highest requirements for engine protection under various operating conditions. There is a modern set of additives German Power Additives, which keeps the engine clean without contaminations. Besides, it eliminates noise and vibrations. It provides the excellent starting qualities and high reliability of lubricating the cold engine.


  • Significantly reduces the fuel consumption
  • It increases the service life of diesel particulate filters and catalytic converters
  • Provides an easy cold start in winter time operation
  • It guarantees the strength of the lubricant film even at high operating temperatures
  • It prevents the formation of flame products due to Low SAPS
  • Keeps the engine clean
  • It is recommended for vehicle’s models with augmented oil change interval



ACEA C2-12 BMW Longlife-12 FE


Characteristics Norms
Density at 15 °C, kg/l 0,841
viscosity at -35 °C mPas 5590
viscosity at 40 °C, 54,60
viscosity at 100 °C mm²/c 10,00
Viscosity Index 172
Flash Point COC °C 222
Pour Point °C -45
Total base number, mg KOH 8,3
Ash Content, % 0,76


Engine oil Vitex Ultimate 0W-30 is available in polyethylene cans of 1 liter, 4 liters, 20 liters, 30 liters and drums of 50 liters and 200 liters.