Recent development – Vitex Ultra G antifreezes

19 January 2015

Reaching the 20 anniversary of business activity, company Vitex makes one more important step for further development. Vitex launches a new line of products – Vitex Ultra G antifreezes.

New product is manufactured in Germany from high quality raw material and has approvals of famous automobile producers like: Mercedes-Benz Blatt 325.3, MAN 324 SNF, VW TL 774 D/F.

Using in production Ultra G Protect Technology, new product guarantees protection of engine and cooling system on molecular level. Thanks to ultra new complex of additives Ultra SAFE 2+, operation life without antifreeze replacement now reaches 250000 km. Improving qualitative characteristics we took care of product appearance.

That is why we developed a comfortable unique canister, the main advantage of which is protection cap of perfect design enabling to pour in antifreeze easily and without any efforts.
Vitex Ultra G Antifreeze will be presented in 6 different volumes:

Cooperation with German manufacturers will let Vitex to reach maximum level of surfaces protection and long life, providing Ultra protection, Ultra safety, and Ultra reliability for your automobile.