New line of
O. E. M

Vitex has released a new line of antifreezes Vitex O. E. M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

The new products are designed to meet all the modern requirements of major car manufacturers for the quality of the technical fluids used.
The Vitex O. E. M. line includes antifreezes for cars: Hyundai, Kia, Renault, Nissan, Toyota, Lexus, VW, Audi, Skoda and other brands that follow similar standards. Each type of antifreeze has a composition of corrosion inhibitors adapted to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
The range is represented by carboxylate and hybrid (silicate-carboxylate, phosphate-carboxylate) classes of antifreeze.
All products have been tested and recommended for filling. For the convenience of customers, the color scheme of antifreeze meets the usual standards.

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