Antifreeze Vitex G 11 EURO ST

Antifreeze Vitex G 11 EURO ST is used in cooling systems of combustion engines of light vehicles, trucks and other motor vehicles operated in moderate and severe conditions. Effective at ambient temperatures down to -40°C.

It contains high technology set of additives preventing corrosion and deposits in cooling system. Antifreeze excludes freezing, overheating, boiling and air locks.

It ensures long-distance run without change of cooling fluid – up to 120 000 km. It is safe for plastic and rubber products and for paint film. Chilling point is -35°С. It contains no phosphates, amines and nitrites.

If filled up, please use antifreezes of VW TL 774C (G11) standard.

Antifreeze Vitex G 11 EURO ST meets requirements of leading car makers and complies with international quality standards.

Specifications:  ASTM D 3306, ASTM D 4340,  VW TL 774C, SAE J 1034, AFNOR R-15-601, BS 6580:1992.

Antifreeze Vitex G 11 EURO ST is available in polyethylene cans of:

  • 1 kg - article number v101101
  • 5 kg - article number v100804
  • 10 kg - article number v100505
  • 20 kg - article number v100306
  • 50 kg - article number v100208
  • 215 kg - article number v1001b2
  • 1 kg - article number v1059n1