Antifreeze Vitex G 12+ EURO ST

Antifreeze Vitex G 12+ EURO ST is designed for cooling systems of all types of gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars and trucks, as well as construction, agricultural and other equipment. It is recommended for all modern engines subjected to ultra-high load. It is applied at ambient air temperature up to -40 ° С. Besides, it contains a multifunctional complex of additives based on carboxylic acids. It guarantees the mileage of cars without changing coolant to 250,000 km. It provides reliable high-temperature protection for aluminum. It prevents the formation of blockages and deposits in the radiator and the water pump. Safe for plastic, rubber products, paint coatings. The temperature of the crystallization is -35 ° C. It does not contain phosphates, amines, nitrites, borates and silicates. When refilling, use antifreeze that meets VW TL774 F (G12 +) the requirements of the standard.

Antifreeze Vitex G 12+ EURO ST is available in polyethylene cans of:

  • 1 kg - article number v102701
  • 3 kg - article number v113803
  • 5 kg - article number v102604
  • 10 kg - article number v102505
  • 20 kg - article number v102406
  • 50 kg - article number v102308
  • 215 kg - article number v1022b2
  • 1 kg - article number v1028n1