Spot free rinse Vitex Dry&Clean

All-season car wash - car polish. Active remedy Vitex Dry & Clean is designed for dry cleaning the car’s surface. It makes possible to remove all kinds of dirt.

Vitex Dry& Clean can be used as a Polish to clean car s surface. Complex of Additives V-Dry is contained in car wash making the protective covering to keep the car clean for a long time. Does not scratch the paintwork of a car, renews plastic and rubber, does not leave streaks and bloomings, has a pleasant smell. It creates an anti-rain effect. It doesn’t recommended to use the polish on the windscreen in order to avoid the glares.

Instructions: Shake the flask before use. Spray the remedy onto surface of a car. Wait 1-2 minutes. Remove the mixture with a dry cloth and then polish to a luster. Used for moderately contaminated surface of a car. Absolutely safe to use.