Metal conditioner Vitex Metum

Metal conditioner Vitex Metum with unique German Power Additives complex treats and conditions joints and working parts of the vehicle thus increasing output capacity. Vitex Metum forms broad molecular-derived inner coat based on nanotechnology and provides multilevel wear and overload protection of moving parts. This multipurpose fluid is compatible with all types of mineral and synthetic motor oils and ideal for gasoline and diesel engines. Vitex Metum increases output capacity and service-life of engines, cuts down fuel consumption and reduce emission.

How to use:
Shake well before use. Preheat engine to working temperature. Ratio: 1 bottle (200 ml) to 5 L of motor oil. Add Vitex Metum to oil filler port. Start the engine and continue idle running for 3-5 min. Then the vehicle can be used without restrictions. Best results if used regularly.