Motor cleaner Vitex МПА-2

Mineral low-viscosity oil is recommended for oil system cleansing in gasoline and diesel engines of light vehicles. Its innovative formula is a highly effective combination of high-quality base oil and special additives with detergent, dispersive, stabilizing and anti-corrosion qualities. It is the best for   decarbonizing, low temperature deposit and contamination removal.  It keeps oil system clean from oil aging suspension. It guarantees safe lubrication system cleansing even during long-term washing.

How to use: Warm the engine up to operation temperature, run the old oil off, fill the system with the necessary quantity of wash oil. Start the engine at idle speed for 15-30 min. Discharge the wash oil, change oil filter, fill the system with new oil. In case of severe contamination repeat the procedure.

Motor cleaner Vitex МПА-2 is available in polyethylene cans and drums of

  • 3 liter - article number v330203
  • 5 liters -  article number v330104