Vitex 15W-40

Mineral motor oil

Multi-purpose all-season mineral motor oil with viscosity class SAE 15W-40 designated for diesel engines of vehicles, microbuses, light trucks, building, agricultural and other off-road machinery and for petrol engines of vehicles. Base oil synthesized by the latest technology and fully adapted German Power Additives package guarantee excellent working properties. This advanced engine oil performs excellent lubrication qualities even at high powered conditions. Provides anti-corrosion protection and thermal stability. Guaranties clean engine, prevents slag and low-temperature deposit formation.

Specifications: API СF/SJ, ACEA A3/B3

Vitex 15W-40 is available in polyethylene cans and drums of:

  • 1 liter - article number v308901
  • 5 liters -  article number v308804
  • 10 liters -  article number v308705
  • 20 liters -  article number v308606
  • 200 liters - article numberv v3085b1