Vitex HLP 46

High-quality mineral hydraulic oil. It is manufactured using multifunctional and balanced package of German Power Additives. The product is designated for use in hydraulic systems of machine-tool equipment, construction machinery, road vehicles, agricultural machinery and in mining and oil industry equipment. Vitex HLP 46 can be specifically used in in-process control systems, pilot simulators and in test benches. This oil ensures high performance properties conforming to all requirements of leading hydraulic equipment manufacturers and other industrial specifications.

Specifications: DIN 51524/2, AFNOR NF-E 48-603 HM
Conforms to requirements: ISO 11158, Eaton Vickers 35VQ25, Denison HF-0, HF-1, HF-2 (ISO 32, 46,68), Danieli (ISO 32, 46, 68), Bosch Rexroth 90220 (ISO 32, 46,68), Cincinnati Machine P-68 (ISO 32), Cincinnati Machine P-69 (ISO 68), Cincinnati Machine P-70 (ISO 46)

Vitex HLP 46 is available in polyethylene cans and drums of:

  • 10 liters - article number v319905
  • 20 liters - article number v319806
  • 30 liters - article number v319707
  • 200 liters - article number v3196b1