Vitex М10ДМ

High-quality seasonal mineral motor oil with multi-function additive package. It is used in high-powered diesel engines of heavy-duty trucks, dump trucks and construction vehicles operated in severe conditions and in tight schedule. Performs excellent protection against wear-out and corrosion. Provides stable engine work, excellent cold-start properties, protects against high temperature deposit formation. Vitex SAE 30 guarantees prolonged engine service-life if changes at proper intervals.

Specifications: API СD, SAE 30

Vitex М10ДМ is available in polyethylene cans and drums of

  • 5 liters - article number v323004
  • 10 liters - article number v322905
  • 20 liters - article number v322806
  • 30 liters - article number v322707
  • 200 liters - article number v3226b1