Vitex Medius 15W-40

Universal semi-synthetic motor oil for a mixed vehicle fleet. Used for modern high-load diesel engines with or without turbochargers. It can be used in gasoline engines. Contains a multifunctional package of additives of the latest generation which provide stable viscosity and temperature performance throughout the entire service life. Recommended for all-season use in cars and trucks, minibuses and special equipment used in construction, mining and agriculture. It has excellent lubricating, anti-friction and extreme pressure properties. Guarantees a reliable protection for engine parts against corrosion and damage. It has a high thermal stability. Reduces the formation of deposits and keeps the engine clean.

Specifications: API CI-4/SL, ACEA E7

Conforms to requirements: MAN 3275, MB 228.3, Cummins СES 20077/78, Volvo VDS-3