Vitex ТСп-10 SAE 75W80 API GL-3

Multi-grade transmission mineral oil of SAE 75W-80 viscosity grade. It is used for lubrication of spur gear pairs, spiral bevel gearings and worm gears in gearboxes of trucks and vehicles. This oil is suitable for all-season use in northern regions and for winter use in moderate climate areas. The oil contains well-balanced additives package that ensures excellent scoring resistance. The oil has great thermal and thermal-oxidation resistance. This oil is compatible with standard sealant materials.

Specifications: API GL-3

Vitex ТСп-10 is available in polyethylene cans and drums of:

  • 5 liters - article number v326004
  • 10 liters -  article number v325905
  • 20 liters -  article number v325806
  • 30 liters -  article number v325707
  • 200 liters - article number v3256b1
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