Concentrated antifreeze Vitex G11 Ultra G

Антифриз — концентрат Vitex G 11 Ultra G

High-quality antifreeze Vitex G 11 Ultra G is produced in Germany. It is designed as a coolant for last generation internal combustion engines. The formula is based on monoethylene glycol. Time-proven technology of this antifreeze comprises advanced antirust additive package based on Low Silicate Formula (LSF). LFS inhibitor is a high-modulus sodium metasilicate and a stabilizer which provides superior protection for aluminum alloy.

Features superior performance qualities; phosphate-free, silicate-free and amine-free formula. Provides long-lasting protection due to the advanced complex of specialized additives. Provides maximum protection against rust, corrosion and boil-over.

Dilution of Vitex G 11 Ultra G should be made according to the table. Can be mixed with limewater. The cooling system should be flushed out before antifreeze filling.

Size: 1,5 Litres
Meets D 3306, SAE J 1034, AFNOR R-15-601, BS 6580:1992.

Dilution table