The main goal of Vitex Company is to produce high-quality products
and create a joint and successful business with its partners.

Vitex Company exists on the market of autochemistry 30 years. The company has a wide dealer network, that covers more than 70 regions of the Russian Federation, from Murmansk to Vladivostock and the CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Georgia,Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine and etc. The company’s products are represented in more than 10,000 retail outlets and companies of maintenance operation. Vitex is in the top eight manufacturers, which hold 67% of the Russian market of coolants.

Vitex continues to grow and develop over the years. The latest development of the company — technology «Ultra G Protect Technology» — allowed reaching a new level of product quality, using the newest components. The developed high-tech system works on higher level, and provides Ultra protection, Ultra Security and Ultra reliability of your car.

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