Concentrated antifreeze Vitex G12 Ultra G

High-quality antifreeze Vitex G 12 Ultra G is produced in Germany. It is designed as a coolant for last generation internal combustion engines with aluminum motor block. The formula based on monoethylene glycol with advanced carboxylated additive package performs long-lasting engine protection.

Due to Ultra SAFE, a unique additive package, the coolant performs foam-free and excellent anti-corrosion properties, it is safe to use. High-quality additives protect surfaces at the molecular level and perform superior pitted corrosion protection.  Protective inhibitor coating appears over damaged areas to prevent corrosion of engine parts.

Features superior performance qualities. Nitrate-free, amine-free, phosphate-free, borate-free, silicate-free formula. Maximum boil over and corrosion protection.

Dilution of Vitex G 12 Ultra G should be made according to the table. Can be mixed with limewater. The cooling system should be flushed out before antifreeze filling.

Size: 1,5 Litres
Approved by :  Mercedes-Benz Blatt 325.3, MAN 324 SNF,  VW TL 774 D/F.