The new line of the Vitex EURO ST antifreeze products

29 October 2015

The new line of the Vitex EURO ST European standard antifreezes has appeared in the Vitex range. The line includes two products: the traditional Vitex G11 EURO ST antifreeze and Vitex G12 EURO ST carboxylated antifreeze.

Both products contain a high-tech complex of modern additives, which prevents the corrosion and provides long mileage without replacement of the coolant. The antifreezes have a wide range of applications, they can be used in cooling systems of all types of modern gasoline and diesel engines of cars and trucks, in the construction, agricultural and other machinery.

The Vitex EURO ST is presented in volumes of 1 and 5 kg, in cans of white color with a comfortable and functional cover-funnel.

The new products meet the requirements of leading car manufacturers and comply with international quality standards: ASTM D 3306, ASTM D 4340, ASTM D 4656,  ASTM D 6210, VW TL774 С/D, SAE J 1034, AFNOR R-15-601, BS 6580:1992, JIS K 2234, JASO M325 (Japan) LLC, Önorm V5123.