Antifreeze Vitex G 12 Ultra G

High-quality pre-diluted antifreeze Vitex G 12 Ultra G is designed as a coolant for last generation internal combustion engine with aluminum motor block. Improved carboxylate  basis of Vitex G 12 Ultra G is safe for metal engine parts. Advanced carboxylated formula and special anti-rust additives extent antifreeze lifespan up to 200 000 km.

Delicate formula is nitrate-free, amine-free, phosphate-free, borate-free, and silicate-free, it prevents gel-like or flake precipitation. Vitex 12 G Ultra G prevents engine cooling system contamination. Advanced additive package Ultra SAFE guarantees maximum corrosion protection and foam-free properties. It is safe to use.

High-quality additives protect surfaces at the molecular level and perform superior pitted corrosion protection.  Protective inhibitor coating appears over damaged areas to prevent corrosion of engine parts.

Can be added to types of antifreeze which meet VW TL 774C (G12).
Meet production standard ISO 9000

Made of concentrate Alpine Mitan GmbH, Germany, which is approved by Mercedes-Benz Blatt 325.3, MAN 324 SNF, VW TL 774 D/F.

Antifreeze Vitex G 12 Ultra G is available in polyethylene cans of:

  • 1 kg - article number v105801
  • 3 kg - article number v105703
  • 5 kg - article number v105604
  • 10 kg - article number v105505
  • 20 kg - article number v105406
  • 50 kg - article number v105308
  • 215 kg - article number v1052b2
  • 1 kg - article number v1059n1