Vitex 15W–40 API CI-4/SL

Mineral motor oil

It is multi-grade all season mineral based engine oil of SAE 15W-40 viscosity designated for contemporary diesel engines of vehicles, microbuses, light trucks, trucks, quarry, building, agricultural and other off-road machinery and for petrol engines of vehicles. It contains effective package of additives German Power Additives that ensure reliable protection of parts against wear and damage. The oil has high thermal and oxidation stability and perfect cleaning and dispersing properties. It extends life time of filler blocks and sealants.

Specifications:  API CI-4/SL,  ACEA E7/E5/E3/B4/B3/A3
Conforms to requirements: Mack EO-M Plus, MB 228.1, MAN M 3275, Volvo VDS-3

Vitex 15W–40 API CI-4/SL is available in polyethylene cans and drums of:

  • 1 liter - article number 3v10101
  • 5 liters -  article number v310004
  • 10 liters -  article number v309905
  • 20 liters -  article number v309806
  • 30 liters -  article numberv 309707
  • 200 liters - article numberv v3096b1