Vitex Karting 2Т

Synthetic motor oil

Vitex Karting 2Т (fully synthetic motor oil)

It's modern fully synthetic motor oil for high-speed two-stroke racing kart engines. It is specially designed for high speed engines rotations up to 23,000 rpm. It provides an excellent corrosion protection. Besides, it prevents formation of deposits in the engine and on the piston rings under ultrahigh loads during the sports competitions. It is highly resistant to shear. It has a long guarantee for a stable engine operation at maximum power. You should add it to fuel at concentrations up to 1:100 or poured into the oil tank as used. The proportions can be changed in accordance with the recommendations of the developers of technology, depending on the operating conditions. It could be applied with any kind of fuel. After using, the product must be disposed of in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection's legislation.

Specifications: API TC

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