Vitex O. E. M antifreeze for VW Audi Skoda

Professional hybrid antifreeze of a new generation, designed to meet the technical requirements of the VAG group (Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat).

Vitex O. E. M for VW Audi Skoda. A professional new-generation lobrid antifreeze, developed to meet technical requirements of the VAG concern (Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat). In terms of the composition of the additive package, it belongs to the class of silicate-carboxylate antifreezes. Ensures a reliable corrosion protection for a wide range of metals, including aluminum, cast iron, copper and bimetallic alloys used in engines and cooling systems. Has an increased service life up to 10 years or 500,000 km of run. Prevents gelling and sediments. Resistant to hydrodynamic cavitation. Compatible with materials of gaskets, hoses, and plastic parts. Can be mixed with fluids based on ethylene glycol. Chilling point is -40°С.

Specifications: VW TL 774-G (G12++), Mercedes-Benz 325.5, MAN (324 Typ Si-OAT).

Color: purple.

Vitex O. E. M antifreeze for VW Audi Skoda is available in polyethylene cans of:

  • 1 kg - article number v112501
  • 5 kg - article number v112404
  • 10 kg - article number v112305
  • 20 kg - article number v112206
  • 50 kg - article number v112108
  • 215 kg - article number v1120b2
  • 1 kg - article number v1126n1
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