Manufacturer of full range of motor oils
Vitex Company exists on the market of autochemistry 28 years. The company has a wide dealer network, that covers more than 70 regions of the Russian Federation, from Murmansk to Vladivostock and the CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Georgia,Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine and etc. The company's products are represented in more than 10,000 retail outlets and companies of maintenance operation. 

Success among consumers, that can not be faked

The main goal of Vitex Company is to produce high-quality products and create a joint and successful business with its partners. Product improvement and innovative approach allow the company to keep recognition among regular customers, and to win it among new one.

19 November 2020

To meet all demands of our customers, we started the serial production TM Vitex lubricants. The product line includes the most preferable  EP-2 lubricants in the automotive market in easy-to-use cartridges. Lubricant formulations are enriched with reactant and additives that give them special functional and anti-equipment  wear properties.   This type of lubricants is widely […]

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03 November 2020

We congratulate our sales specialist Elena on her victory -the conquest of Elbrus, the main peak in Europe! The ascent to Elbrus is 5600 above sea level. It is the highest mountain in Europe. Not everyone who starts climbing gets to the peak, but Elena is our champion , she could. We congratulate her and […]

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